Stop Losing Your Candidates to Counter Offers

men-1979261__340The biggest danger these days in Iot recruiting is having a good candidate turn into a good hire who then accepts a counter offer from their current employer. It’s fairly common that we see counter offers made and about 40% of the time, the employee accepts the offer.


Making the dangers of a counter offer clear to your candidate is the first and best way to prevent their acceptance. It is your task as the recruiter to fully engage the candidate and to make clear the dangers of the counter offer and how it can affect their future employment picture.

Forbes calls accepting a counter offer “career suicide.”

The reality is that very often when a candidate receives a counter offer, it is the employer scrambling to keep a position filled that is important to their bottom line. They pay whatever is necessary to keep the employee who does not realize that the employer no longer views them as an asset. They paid in order to prevent a costly vacancy but they consider it legal extortion according to most employers and companies.

It behooves you as the IoT recruiter to let them know precisely how someone who takes a counter offer is viewed.

In most cases, the employer will find any and all reasons to release the employee and according to Forbes more than 50% of those who accept a counter offer are released from the company within 18 months.Some do leave of their own volition, but most are released by the company.

Having already reneged on an offer from a recruiter, it is very typical that recruiters too want very little to do with a candidate who has treated them in this way. In most cases they will be blacklisted by recruiters in their field and offers do not come in even when they are not currently working.

If you’re not helping your candidates and prospects to understand the dangers of accepting a counter offer it is a big mistake on your part. Recruiters talk and companies talk. As Forbes says, accepting a counter offer is indeed career suicide and its something that will stay with them for years if not forever.

Here;s a tip for you as an IoT Recruiter.  Get your candidates engaged and keep them engaged. What’s more, while you need to thoroughly vet them. you also need to on board them more rapidly in order to prevent the counter offer scenario, but should it arise, help them to understand why it’s a bad idea..

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