What’s a Blockchain, Anyway?

Blockchain is markedly popular and becoming more so by the day. The problem is that most of us don’t have a clue what blockchain is and what it does. Here is a simple and easy […]

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Four IoT Trends to Watch

For about a decade IoT or the Internet of Things has been a trend to watch. It involves the transfer of data to and from sensors that are connected to the internet. It also uses […]

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AI in Recruiting- What Does it Offer?

The battle for new talent has heated up over the past few years. With new recruits essentially in charge and the lowered unemployment rate, we’re seeing a whole new picture in recruiting. Today the candidates […]

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Three Types of Digital Twins and What They Offer

A digital twin, as we’ve discussed before is a virtual product that is representative of a physical product or process. It is being used to help us to understand and to predict the performance and […]

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Turn any home into a Smart Home

There are millions of people who are familiar with Google Home, Google Home Mini or Amazons little devices, these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Smart devices now include things like toasters, mixers, […]

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Internet Connected Devices

Consumers are becoming more familiar with Internet connected devices. From smart TVs to smart appliances and smart watches, consumers are finding ways to get more out of their ownership experience. A similar transformation is taking […]

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The Vast Impact of Digital Twins

One of the biggest developments in technology in the past decade has been digital twinning. Digital twins are digital replicas of physical systems or physical products. Basically what happens is that a digital twin gives […]

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IoT and Digital Twins Technology – How Digital Twins Really Work

The Digital Twin concept isn’t new by any stretch. It’s been around since 2002 or earlier. The problem with that technology is that it wasn’t always cost effective. IoT or the Internet of Things changed […]

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What are Digital Twins?

To Answer the Question about Digital Twins— To make a long story short, digital twins are a virtual copy of a physical device. They are created so that IT professionals and Data Scientists are able […]

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The Future of Cow Ranching in IoT- IDA

The world of IoT is expanding at an exponential rate. No longer are we confined to the commonplace gadgets of Bluetooth phones, televisions and gaming devices, IoT has been assisting the livelihood of cow ranchers […]

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