Internet Connected Devices

Consumers are becoming more familiar with Internet connected devices. From smart TVs to smart appliances and smart watches, consumers are finding ways to get more out of their ownership experience. A similar transformation is taking […]

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The Vast Impact of Digital Twins

One of the biggest developments in technology in the past decade has been digital twinning. Digital twins are digital replicas of physical systems or physical products. Basically what happens is that a digital twin gives […]

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IoT and Digital Twins Technology – How Digital Twins Really Work

The Digital Twin concept isn’t new by any stretch. It’s been around since 2002 or earlier. The problem with that technology is that it wasn’t always cost effective. IoT or the Internet of Things changed […]

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What are Digital Twins?

To Answer the Question about Digital Twins— To make a long story short, digital twins are a virtual copy of a physical device. They are created so that IT professionals and Data Scientists are able […]

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The Future of Cow Ranching in IoT- IDA

The world of IoT is expanding at an exponential rate. No longer are we confined to the commonplace gadgets of Bluetooth phones, televisions and gaming devices, IoT has been assisting the livelihood of cow ranchers […]

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IoT technology helps fleet management significantly. Applications in this industry continue to increase at a rapid rate. There are a number of reasons for this significant occurrence: • Efficient wireless capabilities. This enables fresh possibilities […]

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IoT TECHNOLOGY – Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell The Internet of Things (IoT) has been transforming many industries, including those that concentrate on safety and security. For people who live in apartments or alone in the suburbs, it is crucial to […]

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Teaching an Old House New Skills with IoT Technologies

IoT Technologies Teaching an Old House New Skills Who says your dated house cannot have the latest IoT technologies tricks? Automation and connectivity are the main benefits of having a smart house. With the help […]

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IoT Assists in Lowering Co2 Production and Lowers Fuel Consumption

VEHICLE TRACKING IOT TECHNOLOGY HELPS REDUCE CO2 PRODUCTION AND FUEL CONSUMPTION Last April 8, the city of London presented the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones) to decrease the levels of carbon dioxide within its premises, […]

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As people become more attuned to IoT technologies, cities become more connected. Increased access to all sorts of databases makes people and cities more vulnerable to hacking and various cyber attacks. That’s why smart people […]

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