Cloudflare’s New IoT Focused Security Solution

San Francisco based Cloudflare has had formed a significant presence in content delivery and internet security, especially considering the company is less than a decade old. To many industry observers, Cloudflare is a company that came at exactly the right time to capitalize on the growing number of cloud service and IoT operators.

Most recently, the company has announced their new Orbit security product, which will not only work with websites and other cloud services, but also with IoT devices.

IoT’s Impressive Growth is Not Slowing

Here are two critical stats that illustrate just how important the Internet of Things will be in 2017 and beyond.

  • Companies are expected to spend up to $5 Trillion on IoT devices and infrastructure between now and 2022. (BI Intelligence)
  • By 2022, there will be almost 23 billion IoT devices in use. This is up from roughly 7 billion that exist today. (BI Intelligence)

Security Continues to Be Critical

With such an explosion in growth, it’s no surprise that companies are taking security so seriously. With increasing numbers of devices connected to networks that are inherently vulnerable, industry innovators will need to continuously update their security solutions, just as we do on our corporate networks and desktop PCs today.

Cloudflare recently reported that they had seen an increase in DDoS and other attacks originating from compromised IoT devices. CCTV cameras were amongst the most exploited devices. Since discovering trends in attacks being sent from IoT devices, the company started working on a comprehensive IoT and cloud security solution. The result is Orbit. Orbit resides on the network layer in front of IoT devices.

Essentially, it’s between the internet and the things. The company worked closely with both vendors and innovators to ensure that their product was adaptable to the ever changing needs of IoT, which is a large part of the reason why Orbit sits on the edge of any protected network. It means that companies will be able to implement patches at an infrastructure level, and it won’t technically matter what kind of devices are on the other end.

Cloudflare has had its share of controversies in recent years, but their steps to help protect the Internet of Things could be a significant boost to their public image. Their scalable system has already received praise from companies like Qualcomm, Karamba Security, and Swift Sensors, and it will be interesting for any industry insider to see just how effective Cloudflare Orbit will be in the coming years.

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