IoT technology helps fleet management significantly. Applications in this industry continue to increase at a rapid rate. There are a number of reasons for this significant occurrence: • Efficient wireless capabilities. This enables fresh possibilities in fleet management and tracking. Fleet owners are greatly interested in using connected technology in optimizing processes and boosting their […]

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IoT TECHNOLOGY – Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell The Internet of Things (IoT) has been transforming many industries, including those that concentrate on safety and security. For people who live in apartments or alone in the suburbs, it is crucial to know who is at the door. Video doorbells are helpful in letting the resident know who is at the door. […]

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Teaching an Old House New Skills with IoT Technologies

IoT Technologies Teaching an Old House New Skills Who says your dated house cannot have the latest IoT technologies tricks? Automation and connectivity are the main benefits of having a smart house. With the help of the latest IoT devices, your present living space can turn into an efficient, smart haven: Ecobee4. Worth 249 USD, […]

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IoT Assists in Lowering Co2 Production and Lowers Fuel Consumption

VEHICLE TRACKING IOT TECHNOLOGY HELPS REDUCE CO2 PRODUCTION AND FUEL CONSUMPTION Last April 8, the city of London presented the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones) to decrease the levels of carbon dioxide within its premises, improving the quality of air for its inhabitants. Presently ULEZ envelops the most frequented areas of London. These areas have […]

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As people become more attuned to IoT technologies, cities become more connected. Increased access to all sorts of databases makes people and cities more vulnerable to hacking and various cyber attacks. That’s why smart people and smart cities need extensive protection. Safety and security despite the smartness of these individuals and people are or paramount […]

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Massive Blackouts Triggered by Hacked Water Heaters

The moment the industry of cybersecurity advises about blackouts caused by hackers, people immediately think about world-class hackers making their way into the main server of the power grid. Yet, a team or researchers established the idea that a huge power grid can be brought down by just hacking a less guarded and less consolidated […]

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Food Safety and IOT

Change is a powerful byproduct of many events. The constant transformation happening globally as we speak is happening quickly and it is all because of the Internet of Things. The food and beverage business companies have immense improvements, specifically with their supply chains. Presently, IoT helps food businesses keep their products healthier and safer as […]

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Weaker Resistance to IOT

According to the survey conducted by Zebra Technologies Corporation, many companies are more open to adopting IoT and investing in it as well. Out of the 918 IT decision makers that the company was able to interview for their second yearly Intelligent Enterprise Index, 86% expect their spending on IoT will increase significantly in the […]

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The Wearables of IoT

IoT has permeated most of modern society and now, manufacturers plan to spread their inventions into the realms of wearables. Conventionally, wearables have included smartwatches and activity trackers such as Fitbit devices. The healthcare industry is one of the bigger players in the wearable markets, who have monitored the vitals of patients through reliable IoT […]

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Passenger Economies

The IoT paves the way for radical changes to the functionalities of the world. One facet of society to verily benefit is that of the transportation industry. Through the development and eventuality of autonomous vehicles, experts are exploring the notion of passenger economies that thrived based on the preferences, feedback and experiences of travelers. Based […]

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