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Up Close and Virtual

Computer gaming has given birth to one of the most competitive and flourishing industries in the world. Game developers have been busy trying to take their games to the next levels in order to compete with their counterparts and earn their markets shopping dollar. With ever improving graphics, additions of improved artificial intelligence, better game […]

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How Pool Cleaning Robots Use AI to Save Time and Money

It used to be that cleaning a swimming pool required manual labour, a brush on a long pole hooked up to your pool filtration system, and a lot of your valuable time in the heat. But thanks to technical innovation, robotics, and artificial intelligence there is now an easier way. Just drop a pool cleaner […]

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How Are the ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Big Data’ Connected?

Two of the biggest technologies that has been discussed in recent years are the Internet of Things and Big Data. The Internet of Things is the world that exists between the devices that are online. These devices will grow in number over the coming decades until just about everything will have some kind of smart […]

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How the ‘Internet of Things’ is Changing How We Do Business

Right now, the Internet of Things is a technology in its infancy. There is a network set up for devices to communicate with each other and while it’s true that you can sync your smartphone to your PC and start your car in the middle of winter via an app, these barely scratch the surface […]

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How big is the Internet of Things?

People that look toward the future and can see that the Internet of Things is going to be huge are mostly right and kind of wrong. The future Internet of Things is going to be huge, that much is true, but just how big is it going to get. Most people don’t have an inkling […]

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How Secure is the Internet of Things?

By 2050, just about everything that you use now in your daily life will have some kind of place in the Internet of Things. Right now, devices are already sharing information and more and more products are hitting the market that will join the soon-to-be-crowded landscape. But how secure is the connection between these devices […]

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How to Cash in on ‘The Internet of Things’ Stock

If you’re keeping an eye on the Internet of Things to see what stocks you could get in on the ground floor of now and have a profit explosion in the future when just about everything is connected, you’re not alone. Financial experts around the world are carefully watching companies to find out who the […]

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How Will the ‘Internet of Things’ Make Use of Cloud Computing?

The history of the Internet of Things goes back quite a while. But it has never been quite this close before. Already, devices like televisions, stereos and of course, computers and mobile devices are able to network with an existing internet connection. From your coffeepot to your car, the Internet of Things is already among […]

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Because of AI or Artificial Intelligence, machines now learn from their experience. Machines can adjust to various inputs, which allow them to perform tasks that are human-like. You can see AI everywhere—from self-driving cars, game playing computers, to shopping sites. These machines rely on natural language processing and deep learning. By processing huge amounts of […]

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IoT in Food Manufacturing

MAKING SMART CHOCOLATES IoT has touched the chocolate manufacturing industry as well. Consistent quality and elevated productivity are vital in producing delicious, premium chocolate products. This is where the smart chocolate factory comes in. Bühler explained last year at the Interpack Trade Show that there is a more intelligent means of process control and monitoring. […]

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