Hacker Duet Exposes More Problems in Vehicular IoT

The hacker duo who exposed the original dangers of jeep hacking for WIRED magazine a year ago, has done it again. The duo whose main purpose is to help reduce the dangers that people face thanks to connected driving devices.

This arsenal of attacks could potentially prove fatal if the technology were to get in the hands of someone else. In their latest effort, they show how quickly a Jeep can be controlled from outside of the vehicle, and how during normal driving conditions, they can cause the wheel to jerk to one side and cause a person to veer into other lanes of traffic to their death.

While some may take fear from these presentations, others look at them as a new understanding of the internet of things. With the revelations so far, Chrysler has taken the time to fix the coding work. This helps to close additional avenues. Although, it doesn’t mean everything is out of the woods just yet. As long as there are hackers, there will be someone who is vested in finding security flaws that will allow them to gain control of a device. While some of the security flaws may lead to minor annoyances like messing with the clock in the vehicle, or the radio changing channels, it can be worse.

In this case, the duo have used new technology and techniques that are still allowing them to bypass the safeguards in place, so they are able to prove just how dangerous this technology is. This information can then be utilized by Chrysler, and other companies that utilize the internet of things, so that they can help to reduce any future danger to the consumers who purchase their products. The dup go a step further and pinpoints for the manufacturer what is happening and why it is happening. That way, when they write future code they are able to create a solution that provides safety.

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