List of AI Experts Includes IoT Recruiter Bill McCabe at Position Four.

Bill McCabe Added to Top 50 List of Artificial Intelligence Experts

DENVERJune 12, 2017PRLog — Bill McCabe is proud to announce that he has been included in the

“FINE LIST OF 30 TOP WORLD ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE EXPERTS TO FOLLOW IN 2017″ that was recently published by IPFC Online. Mr McCabe, renowned recruiter and CEO Of Softnet Search is well known for his insights into IoT and AI as well as Big Data. Mr McCabe is also well known in his space for matching the right client with the right job to the benefit of both entities.

Internet Of Things Recruiting has been part of the IoT recruiting landscape for years, recently branching out to include new services such as AI recruiting as well as Data Scientist recruiting. The company is expanding dramatically and the new services are a natural occurrence.

Mr McCabe commented ” AI and Data Science is a natural evolution of the IoT where Internet of Things Recruiting started. It is a source of great pride that we’ve been accepted in this arena after a vast amount of hard work and study to ensure that we had  all of the knowledge and skill that we required to be able to effectively and effciently recruit for big data and data science as well as artificial intelligence.”

For more information about Internet of Things Recruiting you may visit us on the web at or telephone Mr McCabe for a free 10 minute consultation at 303-337-7871

Wm McCabe

Internet of Things Recruiting CEO to Speak at IBM InterConnect

Bill McCabe Will Present at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas, Nevada

DENVER – March 13, 2017 – PRLog — Futurists look toward tomorrow—they offer us a vision of what lies ahead at or what is in store for us.They predict new ways to do business and new ways to look at the world around us. Bill McCabe, renowned IoT recruiter, has been named to IBM’s list of Futurists and invited to speak and interact with the other panel members at IBM’s InterConnect March 19th-24th in Las Vegas Nevada.

IBM, well known for their promotion and expansion of systems such as Watson, is working tirelessly to enable global collaboration and innovation. IBM is a long time computing leader whosew Watson systems will now ally with with SoftBank to bring Watson to Japan.

Bill McCabe, IoT and IT security recruiter, is well known in IoT circles.This is not his first partnering with IBM as Bill is an often requested IoT guest blogger for IBM and additionally, Bill is an avid supporter and admirer of their technology.Bill has also been named to Twitters Top 50 IoT Influencers.

When questioned about the IBM InterConnect symposium, Bill stated “It gives me great pride to be included among the ranks of IBM’s futurists. I join some very distinguished company and look forward to our interaction and sharing common interests and discussions.”

You can reach Bill for comment or for questions at If you’d like to interview Bill or to speak to him regarding retaining his search firm,–, he may be reached by phone at 303-337-7871 . You may find Bill at IBM Interconnect in March or see him speak at IoT World May 16 – 18, 2017 at the
Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

Bill McCabe

Who Will Rank Among the Top IoT Providers in 2017

Double exposure of night cityscape with technology graphic design. 2017 smart city concept

Who are Some of the Most Powerful IoT Companies Going into 2017?

IoT is no small thing any longer. With smart phones, smart tablets, smart refrigerators, smart buildings and smart cities, it’s a given that there is a lot of money to be made in the IoT industry. With IoT growing by leaps and bounds and predictions being that it will grow to a trillion and a half dollars by 2020, everyone wants a piece of that pie.

The IoT companies that have the most to offer and are taking away most of the consumers at this point in time—the heavy hitters in IoT are the companies that should all be watching. The question is—who are they?

The top IoT movers and shakers for 2017 –based on those who did the most with IoT in 2016 appear to be these: ( listed in alphabetical order, not necessarily by order of importance)

Amazon. With tools like Echo and Amazon AWS and Kinesis, Amazon scores big on the IoT scene by offering increasingly powerful services and tools for users.

AT&T with their broadband network is slated to be a key enabler of the IoT forces. The M2X will also play an important role in that along with Data Flow, the development portal for IoT.

Bosch—the German wizards of home appliances also make enterprise software. They say that their range of appliances and products will now be connected to IoT to make monitoring and maintenance easier. This will make them one of the key companies in IoT.

Cisco, which company terms the IoT the Internet of Everything is slated to be one of the main companies that will be enablers of Iot in every form. Cisco is creating a whole new niche for themselves by their provision of switching, routing, wireless access points and network hardware for connecting and communicating with IoT devices.

Google—Always in the lead in nearly anything they undertake, Google has made it a point to take hold of the IoT reins and put themselves at least in the top ten companies by the purchase of smart thermostat maker NEST, that could expand to bring in all manner of smart home systems.

IBM—The Watson smart products will be what lands IBM as a mover and shaker in the IOT space if they have anything to say about it. A combination of cloud development and production arenas for apps, IBM has a little of everything to offer the cloud development community.
These powerhouses, joined by Huawei, Hitachi, Samsung, and yes, even Microsoft, are the companies to watch—and to beat if you’re looking at it as a competition. The question is not whether they will give us great products and services—we already know the answer to that one–most of them will. The bigger question is and one that is and will continue to be a sticking point for the consumer is– with the race to market we’ve been seeing from a lot of these companies, in their haste, can we depend on them to secure their IoT space as well?