How Secure is the Internet of Things?

By 2050, just about everything that you use now in your daily life will have some kind of place in the Internet of Things. Right now, devices are already sharing information and more and more products are hitting the market that will join the soon-to-be-crowded landscape. But how secure is the connection between these devices now, and is it likely to get better or worse in the future? The truth is, some experts are calling the coming IOT as a ticking security time bomb.

Why There Are Security Problems

Recently, one of the national mornings ran a story about a group of test hackers that were able to hack into the network and take control of someone’s car. This is a major security breach and it is just what experts are concerned. Although the security vulnerability team were only able to take control of one particular make and model, the technology exists on other cars as well, and even with the security patch that the car manufacturer, experts are still concerned, because even as security gets tighter, hackers get better.

Whats The Security Future Look Like?

According to some in the security industry, the network security outlook for the IOT is grim. Right now, technology is advancing so fast that security companies can’t keep up. Right now, it isn’t a huge concern, but just the car manufacture who allowed a security vulnerability to let hackers take control of the vehicles remotely, security will becoming essential once the IOT becomes a part of our daily lives. Unless companies manufacturing these smart “things” considers security a high priority, it probably won’t be examined closely until there are a couple of major breaches.

One of the problems is that the companies that are starting to manufacture smart devices simply don’t have the infrastructure in place to handle serious security concerns. They have tiny IT departments that aren’t qualified to maintain the high level of security protection these devices require.

However, there is also the problem of companies not yet even knowing what sort of security concerns there will be with the future IOT and what the security requirements are going to be, not to mention the technology which isn’t yet refined enough to provide that security. So, right now security is a real concern when it comes to the Internet of Things and right now, the future of that security is pretty nebulous.

The Internet of Things in 50 Years

It used to be that the only electronics that were networked together and able to communicate were computers – and they only were able to connect with each other over a wired connection. But now, not only do we have wireless internet everywhere, we also have the Internet of Things – the network of devices that make up our world, sharing information, gathering data and learning from us so that they can serve us better. But what will this network look like in 50 years? Where exactly is the Internet of Things going?

The Internet in 50 Years
In 50 years, some experts think that the internet itself is going to be completely different than what we are used to. In the future, there will be internet much farther advanced than our current technology and it will literally be everywhere. Rather than finding “hotspots” with internet, people will very likely have a unique login of some kind that is the same across all of their devices to access the wide array of internet spanning the globe. You’ll probably have to pay every month for access, but maybe not. After all, you can find Wi-Fi that is free to use in my places even right now.

The Communication in 50 Years
Most people don’t have any idea just how fast the internet will be in 50 years. Right now, data centers or “nodes” that provide internet service communicate with each other at lightning speeds at least 10 times faster than the average home download speed. That will change. In 50 years, we’ll be connecting to each other at speeds that will probably be 100X faster than what currently passes for internet speed at these data centers, and rather than having home internet and Wi-Fi speeds that are optimized for download, both the upload and the download will be mega-fast. Fast enough that you could stream or upload a huge HD movie in seconds.

The Network of “Things” in 50 Years
Finally, the Internet of Things will literally be everywhere. From the clothing that we wear to the appliances, electronics and furniture in our homes, everything will be connected to the internet, gathering data, learning how to improve and sharing information with each other. When you sit down on your couch, your entertainment system will come on. When you get sick or injured, your clothing will not only have your medical information – they will also be able to call 911. Everything will be networked and it truly will be an Internet of Things.