Is IoT Security Woefully Inadequate? Recent Events Indicate that It May Be So.

On October 21, a cybersecurity attack took place on connected devices. This attack on the Internet of things was unlike anything that has taken place in the past, and security experts fear that this historic attack is one that is only a small sample of things to come.

The attack primarily affected websites that utilized internet enabled platforms and delivered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. The IoT security attack took advantage of passwords that were set up by manufacturers, and had never been reset, allowing the cybercriminals a good number of systems that they could exploit.

What we’ve learned, is that there are people who are gaining a great deal of experience with impacting connected devices. So while it might seem small with a series of cameras, tomorrow it could be a power plant, or other series of devices that could result in a dangerous outcome. Companies need to be proactive and to secure their devices, and work on security updates on some of the backdoor items that criminals are finding. It is with better, more secure systems that the devices on the Internet of Things can be protected. As it stands right now, passwords and usernames can easily be stolen, and this can lead to a dangerous outcome. IoT security simply isn’t the best it can be.

In fact, doctors are even stepping in to voice their concerns about IoT security. When the latest series of attacks on the IoT came to light, Dick Cheney stated that his heart implants wireless access was disabled because of fear that someone would attack him. While the increased awareness of the threats is good, it shouldn’t dishearten those who want to break into the realm of the internet of things. All this means is that you need to take the time to explore how to make your networks more secure and work on security.

While a DDOS attack could potentially cripple a network, there are dozens of ways that you can prevent it from ever happening. That way, you can continue to utilize the system at hand, and never have to worry about a denial of service crippling your network in the process. After all, the IoT security is improving and IoT should improve your digital experience, not create a more stressful one.

Unique New Uses of IoT

With more than 25 billion internet connected devices expected to hit the world by 2020, it comes as little surprise that more companies are embracing the evolving IoT technology. There are quite a few companies that have created an incredible world of possibility with IoT.

Johnnie Walker is an example of a company that one wouldn’t expect. When a bottle of their Blue Label is open, it will send messages and information to the cell phone of the individual drinking. This is a full interactive experience that will ensure that the individual is reminded to be responsible while drinking, at the same time enhancing the experience they have.

John Deere has also created a unique experience with IoT technology. With the data that their tractors and other farm equipment pulls, they can tell farmers what the nutrient and irrigation needs are of the area they are working on. This will help to produce better, richer crops for farmers, and ensure they have the best yield possible during the season.

Even the Magic Kingdom has begun to utilize IoT. Disney World now uses RFID tags that allows users to have a better experience in the park. With their wrist bands, users can connect a payment method and purchase items just by tapping the wristband at a register. They can also check into rides and give Disney a better understanding of how people are moving in the park, and what their most popular attractions are at any given time.

Perhaps the most bizarre use of IoT is with cattle. Farmers are now working with companies who can help them to monitor where their cattle are at any given time. This allows them to monitor herds and if someone attempts to steal a cow, the rancher is provided with detailed location in a manner of seconds to help them begin legal action if needed.

As IoT continues to evolve, so are the ways that the world will use this powerful technology. It is important to take the time to consider all the possibilities out there and to expand on the potential that we have with it.